[vtkusers] debugging VTK clas from tcl

Amy Henderson amy.henderson at kitware.com
Tue Feb 13 09:01:58 EST 2001

Open the vtk Makefile as a workspace in MSVC++.  From the Project menu, 
choose Settings.  On the Debug tab, select the General category; set the 
executable to be the wish executable (including the path); set the working 
directory to be the directory where your tcl script is; and set Program 
arguments to be the name of the tcl script.  Then select the Additional 
DLL's category and add the vtk .dll files (vtkCommon.dll, vtkGraphics0.dll, 
etc.).  Then things should work as you expect them to in Debug mode.


At 08:07 PM 2/12/2001 -0600, Wolfram H Volpi wrote:
>I have a question about running the MS Visual Studio 6.0 C++ debugger.
>Is there a way to debug a VTK class when it is called from a tcl script?
>Or do I need to rewrite the tcl script in C++ to run the debugger?
>I will appreciate any input on this, because this could save me from
>writing allot of C++.
>Thank you,
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