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Lisa S. Avila lisa.avila at kitware.com
Wed Feb 7 13:09:19 EST 2001

Hello TQ,

For the filters / mappers that support threading (almost all imaging 
filters, some graphics filters, volume ray casting) the support is 
automatic. Sometimes you will see a NumberOfThreads ivar in some classes - 
this will automatically be set to the number of detected processors.

If you want to run two parts of your pipeline in parallel, or something of 
that sort, you would have to make use of the multiprocessing features in 
VTK (like the vtkMultiThreader class and the MPI support). For that, Berk's 
documentation would be quite helpful.


At 01:06 PM 2/7/2001, Tian-Qing Ye wrote:
>Berk Geveci wrote:
> >
> >         VTK has shared (via windows threads, pthread or sproc) and 
> distributed
> >         memory multiprocessor (via MPI) support. There are various levels
> >         at which these are available. I will, at one point, write some sort
> >         of documentation about these. By default, almost all of the imaging
> >         pipeline and a small part of the graphics pipeline will 
> automatically
> >         launch multiple threads if there are multiple processors (in the
> > graphics
> >         directory, if you look for filters which has a Threader instance
> > variable,
> >         you will find most of the multi-threaded filters. On the 
> imaging side,
> >         there are very few filters which do not use threads).
> >
> >         Berk
>Do I have to do something when I program, or use some special options
>when I compile
>the vtk application, to take the advantages of multi-threaded processing
>built in
>the vtk filters?
>In other words, if I put my application on a multiprocessor machine,
>then my application
>will automatically run faster?
>Sorry for my stupid question! It is very appreciated if you could write
>a short doc
>about these!
>TQ Ye
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