[vtkusers] Choice of PC's

Tian-Qing Ye tianqing.ye at bruker.co.uk
Wed Feb 7 13:06:53 EST 2001

Berk Geveci wrote:
>         VTK has shared (via windows threads, pthread or sproc) and distributed
>         memory multiprocessor (via MPI) support. There are various levels
>         at which these are available. I will, at one point, write some sort
>         of documentation about these. By default, almost all of the imaging
>         pipeline and a small part of the graphics pipeline will automatically
>         launch multiple threads if there are multiple processors (in the
> graphics
>         directory, if you look for filters which has a Threader instance
> variable,
>         you will find most of the multi-threaded filters. On the imaging side,
>         there are very few filters which do not use threads).
>         Berk

Do I have to do something when I program, or use some special options
when I compile
the vtk application, to take the advantages of multi-threaded processing
built in
the vtk filters? 

In other words, if I put my application on a multiprocessor machine,
then my application 
will automatically run faster?

Sorry for my stupid question! It is very appreciated if you could write
a short doc
about these!


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