[vtkusers] [PATCH] VTK-3.1.2 warnings under GCC 2.91.66

Adam D. Burry aburry at igotechnologies.com
Wed Feb 7 15:16:12 EST 2001


I'm not a regular subscriber of the vtkusers list, so I hope I'm not
breaking from culture by sending attachments.

The attached patch is intended for VTK 3.1.2. The patch fixes up the
code so that GCC 2.91.66 no longer produces warnings under the -Wall -W
switches. I've seen some postings here from people complaining about the
noisy headers in particular, this patch addresses that issue.

Also attached is an HTML document that describes the nature of the
changes made and how to apply the patch.

I hope the attachments are not a problem for anyone. If there are issues
relating to this work, please e-mail me directly, since I am not a
regular vtkusers reader.


Adam Burry
aburry at igotechnologies.com
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