[vtkusers] Pros and cons of Vtk and OpenGL Volumizer for volume rendering??

David E. Jones jonesde at rainbow.es.dupont.com
Wed Feb 7 07:42:49 EST 2001

Hu, Yaoping wrote:

> Dear Vtk-users:
> I am seeking reasons to determine whether I shall use Vtk or OpenGL
> Volumizer for my project regarding volume rendering. I need inputs on this
> issue. My question to this mailing list is as follows:
> What are your experiences (pros and cons) of using Vtk and OpenGL Volumizer
> to do volume rendering?
> What are compliment aspects which Vtk and OpenGL Volumizer can offer?
> Sincerely
> Yaoping Hu

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  I've used vtk with great success for volume rendering and volume processing.  My application
is high-resolution microtomography.   Some advantages I
  see for vtk as compared with volumizer are

      - an integrated image processing toolkit which has 3D algorithms.
         All image processing is multithreaded and "streamed" (large images
         or volumes can be processed in small pieces resulting in low memory
         requirements).   The lack of supporting software seems like a negative
          for Volumizer.

      - There are multiple rendering modalities. (e.g. isosurfaces).  I use the
          raycasting method almost always.   It is slow in software but I got
          the ($4K) VolumePro board from Mitsubishi which works magnificently
          with vtk.   I can rotate 600x600x600 volumes easily using a PC based
          system with total cost of about $12K.   I think it takes an Onyx with
          many pipes to achieve this frame rate using Volumizer.   Also, the
          texture mapping hardware used by Volumizer typically accumulates
          into 8 bit registers whereas the raycasting algorithm accumlates into
          floating point registers.

       - I don't think Volumizer works on anything but Irix.   vtk runs on

    One advantage that I see for Volumizer is that it may provide access to
    immersive environments such as ImmersaDesk.   I intend to pursue this
    at a local university (Univ of Delaware) which has an ImmersaDesk.
    At this time I haven't used Volumizer myself.

    All of my remarks are of course just an opinion of mine and could easily
     be wrong.   Please let me know if you disagree with any of these ideas
     or have additional information.


David E Jones
Du Pont Central Research
Experimental Station, Bldg 320
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