[vtkusers] Pros and cons of Vtk and OpenGL Volumizer for volume rendering??

Hu, Yaoping Yaoping.Hu at nrc.ca
Tue Feb 6 18:53:55 EST 2001

Dear Vtk-users:

I am seeking reasons to determine whether I shall use Vtk or OpenGL
Volumizer for my project regarding volume rendering. I need inputs on this
issue. My question to this mailing list is as follows:

What are your experiences (pros and cons) of using Vtk and OpenGL Volumizer
to do volume rendering? 
What are compliment aspects which Vtk and OpenGL Volumizer can offer? 


Yaoping Hu

Yaoping Hu, Ph. D., P. Eng.
Integrated Manufacturing Technologies Institute
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London, Ontario, CANADA, N6G 4X8
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