[vtkusers] Cutters under vtk control

D.M.P.Davies dmpd at mcmail.com
Mon Feb 5 13:41:40 EST 2001

Hi users,

    I use vtkTkRenderWindow from Tcl/tk and have generated multiple

In order to delete a cutter I have looked at the vtkActor instances and
removed from
the renderer the actor . (i.e renderer RemoveActor cutter($i) for a few

I then delete the vtk objects in the pipeline including the actor.

Unfortunately the actor is removed from the renderer sometimes (but more
often not)
- It seems  from the pipline analyser that vtkTempxx are regenerated  as
vtkOpenGLActor  object  which I can sometimes delete.

Am I missing something obvious  (like Update or Modified) - or is  it a
known bug?

Would like help!

Many thanks
 Dave davies
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