[vtkusers] Win2K refresh problem

Johnson, G (Greg) G.Johnson at rl.ac.uk
Mon Feb 5 08:49:11 EST 2001

Hi folks,
  I've just installed Win2K (no flames, please) and am trying to get my
VolumePro board up and running again (under Matlab via VTK/Java - vtk is
amaazing...).  Things seem to work, but whenever there is an open rendering
window, then the Windows refresh takes several seconds (things like updating
the file list in Explorer, or repainting the icons in Matlab - all the bog
standard stuff).  I would guess this could either be 
a) a problem with vtk under Win2K
b) a problem with the openGL in general under Win2K
c) a problem with my (GVX1) graphics card under Win2K

Can anyone give me any suggestions, or help me narrow down the
possibilities?  The problem is reproducable just by calling a Tcl example
like cone.tcl.

Many thanks!


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