[vtkusers] "Segmentation fault" while running vtk on linux.

crazyyao crazyyao at mail.rdcps.ac.cn
Mon Feb 5 02:49:08 EST 2001

I am new to VTK and eager for your help.

I have successfully installed VTK on my machine:
Redhat 7.0
--with-mesa --with--with-shared

When I ran the demos in examplesCxx, I came across the "Segmentation
GDB told me  that
"#0  0x40ac46d0 in glXGetCurrentContext () from /usr/lib/libGL.so.1".
The error came from the file vtkMesaRenderWindow.cxx.

I've searched the maillist and got some suggestions ( Reinstall mesa,
back to redhat 6.2 etc.)
Because it will cost me nearly 1 hour to build vtk each time, I wish
some one can show the right way for me.


R&D Center for Parallel Software
Beijing China

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