[vtkusers] yet more vtk + gui questions

Harris Scott R CIV AFRL/SNJM Scott.Harris at wpafb.af.mil
Fri Feb 2 10:52:52 EST 2001

Using VTK, wxPython, and picking is quite easy. I just render in the
wxVTK widget, and when the appropriate key is pressed I catch the event in
and call the picker with the mouse coordinates. It's quite simple (it has to
be-I'm a VTK
and wxPython novice).

You can extend/change the behavior of the wxVTK widget easily to suit your

I really like wxPython and it's far superior to Tk.


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Dear VTK-users,

A while back there were some threads on this list w.r.t. a cross-platform
GUI for VTK.  I have experimented with FLTK and VTK (using John Shalf and
Frank Da's classes) and this works very well under X-based systems but there
is no support for Windows.  

At the moment I'm looking at wxpython and its VTK support: this is
cross-platform but seems to be missing any support for
vtkRenderWindowInteractors (and thus vtk picking).  Python + TkInter seems
to support this.  Does anyone here have any other information on this?  In
short: can I have wxpython + vtkRenderWindowInteractor?

If I've missed a FM, please point me at it.

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