[vtkusers] vtkBMPReader reading a volume

reyes mauricio mreyesa at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 25 15:57:27 EDT 2000

Hi, my name is Mauricio. Am trying to use vtkBMReader to
make a reconstruction of a set of bmp images, but  SetImageRange is not 
valid to vtkBMPReader. Then I tried to use SetDataExtent, but I receive
a error :

  Warning: In d:\nightly\vtk\imaging\vtkImageReader.cxx, line 648
  vtkBMPReader (0x00415900): File operation failed.

  Generic Warning: In d:\nightly\vtk\imaging\vtkBMPReader.cxx, line   451
  File operation failed. row = 0, Read = 240, Skip0 = 0, Skip1 = 0,   
FilePos = 0

The images are 240x164 pixeles and the images are from image.0 to

image.5 , so I used this : SetDataExtent 0 255 0 255 0 5 , receiving the 
previous error . Anyone can tell me what am doing wrong please.

thanks in advance, Mauricio

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