[vtkusers] VolView 1.2

Lisa Sobierajski Avila lisa.avila at kitware.com
Thu Sep 21 22:57:56 EDT 2000

Hello Frank,

We did release a pre-beta version of VolView 1.2 in mid-August, but we did 
not advertise it.  We receive some good feedback from the folks testing the 
pre-beta, and as a result we have added a few new features such as 
multi-resolution VolumePro rendering (to handle very large volumes that the 
board might not render quickly due to supervoluming) and explicit control 
over the levels of detail. These extra features have slowed down the 
release of the beta, but we expect to make it available on our web site 
next week. I will send a note out to the list when it is there.


At 06:25 AM 9/21/2000, Frank Boettger wrote:
>I'm looking for the evaluation version of VolView 1.2. The kitware site 
>says the beta 'will be released 28 august 2000' and it is available for 
>download, but it's not there in the download section. If it is available, 
>could someone please update the website ?
>Thanks, Frank
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