[vtkusers] wxPython VTK flickering - request for new method in vtkRenderWindow

Maurizio Turatti mturatti at ais.it
Tue Sep 19 11:38:02 EDT 2000

I tried this solution with both wxMotif and wxGTK. The flickering disappears,
but the VTK canvas is not able to catch expose events. I don't know X enough to
solve this problem. I think you should ask someone in the wx* mailing lists.


On 19/09/2000 15.02.31 Prabhu Ramachandran  wrote:

>    As someone had mentioned embedding a VTK widget in a wxPython
>application causes pretty bad flickering and some bad clipping.
>Renaud KERIVEN <keriven at cermics.enpc.fr> had mailed a solution to
>this.  Refer here:
>But this solution is applicable only to the c++ bindings and won't
>work with wxPython.
>    I believe but am not sure that it would be possible to apply
>this solution to wxPython as well if a method was added to VTK.  Here
>are the details.
>    Renaud's solution to the flickering problem was to replace all
>calls to SetWindowId to SetParentId (for the GTK code alone).  Now in
>the vtk.py included with wxPython a VTK window is created as a part of
>a wxScrolledWindow and the WindowId of the created vtkRenderWindow is
>set using the SetWindowInfo function.  It is not possible to use the
>WetWindowId since there is no "Window" object in python.  Therefore to
>apply Renaud's solution it would be necessary to implement a
>SetParentInfo method in vtkRenderWindow and vtkXRenderWindow.  This
>would hopefully eliminate the flicker for wxPython as well.  Dont you
>    I dont have CVS write access.  So could someone please add
>this and try out the wxPython VTK demo?
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