[vtkusers] Button-Release problem, again

Jorrit Schaap jorrit at lkeb.azl.nl
Tue Sep 19 09:16:26 EDT 2000


if you look in the code you will find that the state of the CTRL key is only read when on off
the mouse buttons is pressed or released.
So if you press for example the leftmousebutton with the ctrlkey down, it reads that the key is
If you release your leftmousebutton, then it reads the ctrlkey state again, regardsless of the
state it had when you pressed the mousebutton.

Fix: Add two variables, ctrlButtonState and shiftButtonState, that are set when you press one
of the mouse buttons, and use these again when you release the mouse button.

Good luck, Jorrit.

kitware-vtk at kulnet.kuleuven.ac.be wrote:

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> Hi,
> We've posted this problem last week, but nobody has replied.
> A problem with CTRL-Release event:
> Make a scene with an object in it. Hold CTRL while rotating the object.
> The object will rotate around the z-axis. Now, release the CTRL button
> before releasing the left mouse-button. Then release the left
> mouse-button and move your mouse. The object keeps rotating around the
> z-axis. It seems like the CTRL-Release event isn't captured.
> The same is true for the SHIFT button.
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