[vtkusers] wxWindows and VTK

Maurizio Turatti mturatti at ais.it
Mon Sep 18 10:54:35 EDT 2000

It's also possible to use VTK with wxPython, but only the MSW version works
correctly (it flickers with GTK). Check http://wxPython.org.
I know there are good Qt bindings (C++) and Fltk (http://www.fltk.org), but I've
never used them.


On 18/09/2000 13.48.02 Dimitris Agrafiotis  wrote:

>Dear All
>I am thinking of using wxWindows with VTK and there are a couple of
>things I would like to ask.
>- How well does wxWindows work with VTK
>- What is needed to be able to use VTK with wxWindows
>- Apart from C++ what other languages can I use (Tcl, Python ?)
>- Are there any known problems with wxWindows / VTK
>- Are ther any other GUI toolkits that would be good to use with VTK
>and how do they compare with wxWindows
>Thanks in advance

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