[vtkusers] vtk User Code Compilation Problems

Kent Vander Velden graphix at iastate.edu
Sat Sep 16 01:12:30 EDT 2000

  Vtk 3.1 includes <iostream.h> in a few files.  This causes problems
with code that includes <iostream> with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0.  
The problem seems to be that cout and others are in global namespace in
<iostream.h> while they are in std namespace in <iostream>.  Code that
has calls like "using std::cout" end up having cout (and others) multiply
defined because the two header files have different definitions.

  Could vtk be changed to use the newer <iostream> instead of <iostream.h>?
Using <iostream> is also important for proper use of STL.


Kent Vander Velden
kent at iastate.edu

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