[vtkusers] Mapping the Output of vtkImageImport onto a Geometry, RGB Files

Kuno Meyer meyerk at student.ethz.ch
Wed Sep 13 09:08:18 EDT 2000

For importing data files of a Cyberware laser digitizer into VTK, I'm using
the vtkCyberReader class. For the texture (saved as Bitmap in the
SGI-RGB-Format) I have written a piece of code, that reads and decompresses
the file into a memory buffer. The buffer is organized as a sequence of R-,
G- and B-values for each pixel per line, for each line. In order to map this
texture onto the geometry, I'm using the vtkImageImport class to feed this
buffer into the vtk graphic pipeline.

Unfortunately vtkTexture (or vtkActor?) does not recognize those triples as
one color with RGB values, but does only treat the first of the three
numbers as a hue value. The second and the third number were ignored.

Does anybody know the problem?

Kuno Meyer (still a newbie in vtk)

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