[vtkusers] please help with Actor translation/orientation!

Sven Prevrhal Sven.Prevrhal at oarg.ucsf.edu
Mon Sep 11 20:46:01 EDT 2000


I have a vtkAxes coordinate ssytem that I want to rotate and translate.
I rotate its actor via RotateX() etc. and  translate in one of the new
axis directions by adding to the origin of the object. So far, so good.
But when I want to apply another rotation at the new object origin
(after the translation) I need to set my actor origin to the object
origin. However, this affects my previous rotation!!
So here's my Q: How can I rotate, shift in axis directions and rotate at
the new origin my vtkAxes, similar to what a vtkRenderWindowInteractor
allows in "o" mode?

Thanks in advance for help!


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