[vtkusers] textured polydata to image ?

Sebastien BARRE seb-ml-vtk at barre.nom.fr
Mon Sep 11 19:42:53 EDT 2000


Any idea on how I could transform a planar *textured* polydata to the 
corresponding image ?

My polydata lies in that plane :
0.0 <= X <= 1.0,
0.0 <= Y <= 1.0,
Z = 0.0

It has texture coordinates, and a vtkTexture.

I tried vtkShepard, but it does not interpolate/incorporate texture values, 
it just use scalars.

Should I use the rendering pipeline directly and save the window to an 
image, or use a vtkRendererSource ?

=> I tried vtkPolyDataMapper2D, but it needs a vtkActor2D, which does not 
accept any texture (why ? :)

=> I tried vtkRendererSource, but it needs a renderer, and to call 
Render(), therefore it has to be visible, and I can not afford that, I have 
to do the conversion behind the user.

The texture I'm applying on my planar polydata is not a planar image, 
otherwise it would be just too easy. Basically my polydata was a 3D 
textured model with complexe tcoords, I applied cylindrical texture 
coordinates mapping on it (vtkTextureMapToCylinder), then flattened the 3D 
model using these texture coordinates (points coords = tcoords, Z = 0), 
then Delaunay triangulation, and here am I : a polydata representation of 
whatever texture was projected on my original 3D model. Now I need to save 
that texture as an image, so that it might be used as a real texture.


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