[vtkusers] How to show wireframe plus surfaces 's' + 'w'

Berk Geveci berk.geveci at kitware.com
Thu Sep 7 16:52:53 EDT 2000

        You can modify the properties of individual actors to switch
        between wireframe and surface representations. For example,
        using tcl,

vtkActor gridActor
gridActor SetMapper gridMapper

[gridActor GetProperty] SetRepresentationToWireframe


Louis le Grange wrote:
> Dear Users
> When rendering cell data using vtkDataSetMapper one can show/switch between
> surface representation or wire representation by pressing 's' or 'w'
> respectively.
> Could anyone please direct me on how to show wireframe lines at the same
> time as surfaces - this would give a nice outline of the individual polygon
> faces.
> Thanks in advance, Louis

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