[vtkusers] building vtk with a new class

Wagner, Hans (GEAE) hans.wagner at ae.ge.com
Wed Sep 6 12:44:57 EDT 2000

I am trying to create a new object based on vtkQuadric.  I have basically copied
the vtkQuadric .cxx and .h files and renamed them.  The names of all of the
functions within the new files have been adjusted accordingly as well.  I then
put the new files under the same concrete location in the makefile as the
vtkQuadric class.  However, after running pcmaker, I try to use the new class
and I get an unrecognized command error.  Being a new user to VTK and compiling
on Windows in general, I am not sure if is there some other file I must first
modify before using the new object.  Can someone help me?

Hans Wagner
hans.wagner at ae.ge.com

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