[vtkusers] vtkPropPicker not picking

Jorrit Schaap jorrit at lkeb.azl.nl
Wed Sep 6 10:20:29 EDT 2000

Hi Will, vtkusers,

on Aug 10 you wrote:

> If you are trying to pick 3D props you can replace the vtkPropPicker
> with a vtkCellPicker, vtkPointPicker, or vtkPicker. But of course that
> leaves out the 2D props.
> We are looking into a software only solution (as an alternative) that will
> handle both 3D props and 2D props. If anyone has any ideas please
> let me know. What I'm thinking right now is to implement the GetBounds()
> method for 2D props (which currently returns NULL and should be
> implemented anyway). This bounds can then be used in conjunction
> with a picker to pick 2D props.

Since then I checked the QualityDashboard a couple of times, but it
doesn't seem to be that you
made the changes yet. I'm not trying to hurry you, but.... ;-)
I think it isn't very hard to implement. If you want me to do it, please
let me know, and I'll
do it right away.

Furthermore I have another question concerning picking. You can give the
pickers have a
StartPickMethod, a PickMethod and an EndPickMethod, but you can give a
vtkProp only a
PickMethod. I would like the vtkProp to have a StartPickMethod and an
EndPickMethod as well,
'cause I could realy use them.

best regards, and keep up the good work,


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