[vtkusers] vtkGaussianSplat

Will Schroeder will.schroeder at kitware.com
Mon Oct 30 08:25:27 EST 2000

Hi Patrick-

I don't see why we couldn't put in some machinery to control the accumulation
function in vtkGaussianSplatter. Is the function a simple summation? If
so  we can code it pretty quickly.

At 03:45 PM 10/30/00 +0400, Patrick Lowry wrote:
>I am using the vtkGaussianSplat routine.  It appears to me that it is an
>application of kernel density mapping.  In kernel density mapping, the
>values of all of the kernels intersected a sampling point are summed.  The
>value at each sampling point can exceed the maximum value of individual
>kernels.  The importance of this is that the summed kernel values can be
>contoured and accurately show data density (better so than a histogram
>In the GaussianSplat routine it appears that the splats (kernels) just
>merge.  Even with dense data, the maximum value attained in the sampling
>grid is that of an individual splat.  The GaussianSplat routine has great
>potential but if it does not allow the characterization of the dense
>portions of a data set, its use is limited.
>Is it possible to instruct the GaussianSplat routine sum the splat values at
>each sampling point?  I would appreciate any assistance or guidance in
>getting true kernel density mapping utility out of the vtkGaussianSplat
>Patrick Lowry
>The Scotia Group, Inc.
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