[vtkusers] vtkGaussianSplat

Patrick Lowry plowry at scotia-group.com
Mon Oct 30 06:45:25 EST 2000


I am using the vtkGaussianSplat routine.  It appears to me that it is an
application of kernel density mapping.  In kernel density mapping, the
values of all of the kernels intersected a sampling point are summed.  The
value at each sampling point can exceed the maximum value of individual
kernels.  The importance of this is that the summed kernel values can be
contoured and accurately show data density (better so than a histogram

In the GaussianSplat routine it appears that the splats (kernels) just
merge.  Even with dense data, the maximum value attained in the sampling
grid is that of an individual splat.  The GaussianSplat routine has great
potential but if it does not allow the characterization of the dense
portions of a data set, its use is limited.

Is it possible to instruct the GaussianSplat routine sum the splat values at
each sampling point?  I would appreciate any assistance or guidance in
getting true kernel density mapping utility out of the vtkGaussianSplat

Patrick Lowry
The Scotia Group, Inc.

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