[vtkusers] vtkCamera Parameters

Erik Sobel erik.sobel at alphatech.com
Wed Oct 25 11:55:07 EDT 2000

Does anyone know how to completely specify the camera parameters?

I am frustrated by the lack of consistency in its methods.  There is a 
Get/SetRoll pair, Get/SetPosition, and Get/SetFocalPoint but no way to Get: 
Zoom, Dolly, Yaw,  Azimuth, Pitch or Elevation.  There is a way to 
GetOrientationWXYZ but no way to Set it.  Calling the renderer's 
ResetCamera method doesn't seem to reset ALL of the camera's parameters.

What I am looking for is a convenient way to save and restore the complete 
state of the camera after it has been moved by hand.


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