[vtkusers] xyPlotActor / XRenderWindowInteractor

Christopher M Driggers cmdrigge at uncc.edu
Tue Oct 24 12:18:18 EDT 2000

Platform: SGI - Irix 6.5.6
I have a vtk/motif application that I am working on. The main window
needs to call up a new child XRenderWindow to display some 2D plots
using XYPlotActor. If I just create a new Xrenderwindow, a renderer, and
the XYPlotActor, the plot is displayed, but it will not refresh (if
covered by another window, minimized, etc.) If I use an
XRenderWindowInteractor the plot displays and refreshes as it should,
but closing the 2D plot window kills the entire application. I am sure
that it has something to do with the SetExitMethod in the interactor,
but there is no documentation on how to use this method. I have read
several other requests for information from people having a similar
problem, but I have not seen a solution posted. Any help would be
greatly appreciated!

Chris Driggers
cmdrigge at uncc.edu

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