[vtkusers] Bug report: vtkRenderWidget.py

Simon Cooke cooke at mmace.nrl.navy.mil
Fri Oct 20 16:49:34 EDT 2000

Under python, the class vtkTkRenderWidget appears to contain a small bug (VTK
3.1.2 distribution, vtkRenderWidget.py)...

In the member function UpdateRenderer(self,x,y) the transform to local window
coordinates includes the lines

            vx = float(x)/windowX
            vy = (windowY-float(x))/windowY

i.e. the x-value is used for both coordinates!

In the same function the variable self.__RendererFound is not initialised to a
default value. In combination with the above problem, this was found to give
an AttributeError exception under some circumstances.



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