[vtkusers] Visual Basic and VTK

Mauricio Reyes maurey at ctcinternet.cl
Wed Oct 18 05:13:36 EDT 2000

Hi, my name is Mauricio , am a student of engineering. Am a new user of
VTK, it is very powerful I think :) , well I would  like to know if
someone knows how to work with visual Basic with VTK, I just want to
make the GUI with VB , and call with the buttons I insert the vtk
commands, I download some dll's to do that , but I doesn't work for me
with VTK. Also I know that with TK I can make the gui, but am more
experienced with VB, and everybody knows that a godd gui makes a better
well I hope someone could help me.

thanks in advance... Mauricio

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