[vtkusers] Debugging vtkdll from Borland C++ Builder

John Biddiscombe j.biddiscombe at rl.ac.uk
Fri Oct 13 07:02:39 EDT 2000

[apologies this messsage may appear twice]

>Is there anyone else out there using C++ Builder that can help me?

Yes. I have written my own version of PCmaker in C++Builder and I generate
makefiles which have the correct flags for debugging into the DLLs. As
mentioned earlier in the week, I'm no longer supporting my C++Builder web
pages so have removed my DLLbuilder software. However, 

    -Ve -Vx -a8 -k -c -b- -tWM -tWD -tWR -w- -P -Od -r- -v -vi- -y -5


the above flags are the ones I use - look at the -v -O options in the BCB
help files for more info. 

must run as visitor has arrived...


At 12:19 13/10/00 CEST, you wrote:
>I am developing a Clip method for vtkTetra, this being a first step to 
>towards clipping for UnstructuredGrid data. I have Wondoze 98, I build vtk 
>as a DLL using the makefiles generated by PCMaker, and I develop 
>applications using Borland C++ Builder. The makefiles for the vtk DLL 
>(normal or Debug) work great, but the debug version of the DLL does not 
>allow me to step into the vtk source in the DLL during debugging. There are 
>two clues that the DLL is not a real debug version: First it is the same 
>size as the 'normal' DLL. Second when I look at the DLL using Windows 
>QuickView the header section says: "Line numbers stripped from file" and 
>"Local symbols stripped from file". I have tinkered with the compiler and 
>linker options in the Debug makefile, but dont want to mess up what may be a 
>perfectly valid makefile, maybe the problem lies elsewhere.
>Is there anyone else out there using C++ Builder that can help me?
>  Dave Pont
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