[vtkusers] [noise] Visible Male Dataset :Corrupted slices?

Sebastien BARRE seb-ml-vtk at barre.nom.fr
Fri Oct 6 12:45:29 EDT 2000

At 05/10/99 18:25, Dimitris Agrafiotis wrote:

>I have downloaded the full-colour abdomen slices of the visible male
>dataset and noticed that three of the slices (numbers:
>1505,1506,1507)are corrupted. Has anybody else come across this
>problem? What can I do to restore the original volume (interpolation
>maybe?) and how can I do it with VTK? I include two of the problematic
>slices in downsampled gray scale form.

Please, do NOT send 400 Ko files to a Mailing List.

Some of us are still using slow modem (yes I do), and large mailing list 
are not designed to exchange such files : there is almost 1000 users 
reading that list : 400 Ko * 1000, yes Dimitris, you have just sent *400 
Megabytes* through the net.

Please consider putting them on a FTP or Web site next time, and give us 
the corresponding IP/URL so that these ready to *help* you might have a 
look at it (and these not concerned might have the choice to ignore the junk).

(just my $0.02 a-bit-angry cents)

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