[vtkusers] Mac OS X port of vtk

Andrew Cunningham andrewc at vasci.com
Fri Oct 6 10:59:44 EDT 2000

I have been working on a Mac OS X (public beta) port of vtk3.1.

As Mac OS X is a real unix with OpenGL and the usual GNU tools, the port is
MUCH easier than the fiddly Mac OS 9 port ( no 32 char limitations on file
name length , etc.)

However, as OS X's GUI is not X11 based there are two options for a vtk

1) Modify vtk to use the NSxxxx(Cocoa) classes for displaying in OS X's
Quartz windowing system
2) Download XTools from Tenon ( a full X11 development and runtime
environment for OS X). Building vtk should be just a simple re-compile with
minimal changes.

The  problem with 1) is that it would require the Cocoa specific code to be
rolled back into the vtk source code tree
The problem with 2) is that Tenon plans to charge $250 for XTools once it is
out of beta.


Andrew Cunningham
Vibro-Acoustic Sciences Inc
mailto: andrewc at vasci.com

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