[vtkusers] VolView 1.2 Beta Available

Lisa Sobierajski Avila lisa.avila at kitware.com
Wed Oct 4 01:09:17 EDT 2000


Here is the email that I promised to send when we made VolView 1.2 beta 
available for download. We have versions for Windows, Sun, SGI, and Linux. 
As always, we appreciate feedback.



Kitware, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of VolView 1.2 Beta 
for Windows 95/98/NT/2000, Sun Solaris 2.7, Silicon Graphics Irix 6.4, and 
i386 Linux platforms.

VolView (http://www.kitware.com/volview.htm) is an intuitive, interactive 
system for volume visualization that allows researchers and clinicians to 
quickly explore complex 3D medical and scientific data.

The download site for this release is:


At this site you will find a self-extracting archive file for Windows, or a 
tar file for Sun, Silicon Graphics, or Linux. The tar files are available 
as gnu zipped files (*.gz) on all Unix platforms, and compressed files 
(*.Z) on Sun and Silicon Graphics platforms.

If you are running on Windows and have installed a recent version of 
VolView, you can select the "Check For Updates" option under the VolView 
menu under the Windows Start menu in order to download and install the 
latest release.


Partial List of VolView 1.2 Enhancements

Enhancements since VolView 1.1:
- Lightbox view with 2x2, 3x2, and 3x3 layout
- 3D cursor linked across Image and Volume Windows.
- Color selection for annotation.
- Corner annotation in four corners.
- Dynamic text in corner annotation for window, level, and slice number.
- Multi-resolution support for the VolumePro board with large volumes.
- Improved rendering performance.
- Configurable mouse operations for the Image Windows.
- Independent/linked editing of color and opacity transfer functions.
- Better control over gradient magnitude transfer function.
- Interpolate colors in RGB or HSV space.
- New data formats: Analyze, basic DICOM, stack of tiff / pnm / bitmap images.
- Automatic DICOM annotation.
- Background color.
- Standard camera views.
- Script provided for isosurface generation.
- Script provided to writer AVI animation files (Windows platform only).
- Balloon help throughout the User Interface.

Enhancements since VolView 1.2 pre-beta:
- Level-of-detail control - control speed vs. quality.
- Two levels-of-detail for the VolumePro for large volumes.
- Volume information reported on UI (spacing, origin, etc.)


Windows 95/98/NT/2000:

Run VV12b2.exe to install VolView 1.2 Beta. You should then be able to run 
VolView off of the Start menu. Recommended configuration: Pentium-class 
processor with at least 128 MB of RAM, and a 32 MB video card such as the 
Oxygen VX1, Riva TNT Ultra, or the Erazor X. If you have a VolumePro board 
(http://www.rtviz.com/), it will be automatically detected and used. 
Version 1.2 or 2.0 of vli / VolumePro driver may be used, but version 2.02 
is recommended.


Sun Solaris 2.7:

Download VV12b2Solaris7.tar.Z or VV12b2Solaris7.tar.gz and execute the 
following commands

uncompress VV12b2Solaris7.tar.Z


gunzip VV12b2Solaris7.tar.gz

tar xvf VV12b2Solaris7.tar

Within the created VV12b2Solaris7 directory you can run ./VolView. If a 
VolumePro board is available (http://www.rtviz.com/), it will be detected 
and used. Version 1.2 of the vli software / driver must be installed.

If you would like to run VolView from another location you must either copy 
the KWVolumeProFactory.so file into /usr/lib, or add the installed 
directory to your LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable. The required 
configuration of the Sun is an Ultra 10 or better running Solaris 2.7, with 
a Creator 3D video board.


Silicon Graphics Irix 6.4:

Download VV12b2Irix64.tar.Z or VV12b2Irix64.tar.gz and execute the 
following commands

uncompress VV12b2Irix64.tar.Z


gunzip VV12b2Irix64.tar.gz

tar xvf VV12b2Irix64.tar

Within the created VV12b2Irix64 directory you can run ./VolView, or you can 
create an alias for VolView or include it in your path. Silicon Graphics 
Irix 6.4 or later, R5000 or better, hardware texture support are required.


i386 Linux:

Download VV12b2Linux.tar.gz and execute the following commands

gunzip VV12b2Linux.tar.gz

tar xvf VV12b2Linux.tar

Within the created VV12b2Linux directory you can run ./VolView, or you can 
create an alias for VolView or include it in your path. A recent version of 
Linux (July 2000) or later, an accelerated OpenGL card and working drivers 
are required.


Known Issues:
- This version of VolView 1.2 Beta does not contain updated on-line help. 
The balloon help is up-to-date.


Due to distribution size considerations, only two small data files are 
included in the distribution: headqtr.vtk (64x64x92) and headhalf.vtk 
(128x128x92). This pre-release version is fully functional, with a 30-day 
time limit. There are no disabled features, and you can load your own data.


Please send email to kitware at kitware.com with any problems you encounter or 
questions you may have. We appreciate all feedback - including bug reports, 
feature requests, style complaints, etc.

Lisa S. Avila
Kitware, Inc.
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