[vtkusers] compiling and linking vtk on aix with xlC

David P. Munich dmunich at ahpcc.unm.edu
Mon Oct 2 17:03:30 EDT 2000


I am having trouble building vtk on the aix OS with the xlC compiler. 

I get the following error at the link step if I use the compiler flags set
up by configure.

/usr/vacpp/bin/xlC: 1501-221 cannot exec program /lib/nld - No such file
or directory

If I remove 
CXXFLAGS      =  -ptall -no_prelink
from system.make I get a bunch of duplicate symbol errors.

These errors occur while trying to link the vtkLibCommon library which is
the first one in the makefile. I had to make the template functions in
this library non-static in order to get the compiling to "work." Could
this be my problem?

Has anyone successfully built vtk on AIX with xlC.


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