[vtkusers] vtkPicker, vtkActor and vtkInteractor questions

Steven Woolsey woolsr at inel.gov
Mon Oct 2 17:05:42 EDT 2000

I have some questions for which I haven't found any information in the

1. I am doing a query to a database, and building an linked list
containing the data from the query.  I build my actors from the data in
the list.  The problem I have is when I do a pick and get the actor I
need to correlate the actor back to the linked list.  Each node in the
list has a name, which is needed to help complete other queries to the
database.  Is there any way to specify a name for an actor so I can just
grab it from the returned info of pick operation?  Or is there a unique
ID for each actor that I can get and use to build a relationship between
the actors and the linked list?

2. related to the first question.  Is there a way to get the data from a
pick when the mouse moves over an actor in the render window
automatically, without having to press 'p'?

3. Is there a quick way to disable rotations from the
vtkXRenderWindowInteractor?  I only need pan, an zoom.

Thanks for any help you can give,

Steven Woolsey                         Engineer/Scientist
Bechtel BWXT Idaho, LLC                Visualization Engineer
Idaho National Engineering Lab.        EMAIL: woolsr at inel.gov
P.O. Box 1625, M.S. 3605
Idaho Falls, ID  83415-3605

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