Win95 System resources problem fixed some time ago in nightly release of VTK !!!

Louis le Grange louis at
Sat Jan 29 17:16:53 EST 2000

Hallo everyone

The problem I had with scarse system resources using vtkLabeledDataMapper on
Win95 (using vtk24 of 8 Aug 1999) was finally solved through simply
downloading and compiling the nightly release of VTK.

Thank you for everyone who contributed towards the solution - especially
  James Bell,
  Charles Law, and
  Will Schroeder.

Those who may be interested in an implementation of VTK into the Flo++ pre
and postprocessor (see may contact me for a free copy of
the data and view classes of this MFC implementation. The new version, with
the fix, is not yet on the site - the current one still has the problem -
the new one will be on the site some time next week.

(The way I implemented the VTK classes may not be very neat - it however was
a quick putting together of some of the many great pre and post processing
facilities VTK offers. The cleanup and ordering of the implementation is now

Kind regards, Louis

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