operator overloading for streams

Adrian Anner a.anner at medres.ch
Wed Jan 26 06:56:50 EST 2000

I'm using a  C++ matrix template class to do some matrix calculations. It
uses operator overloading to read/write a matrix from/to input/output stream
as per standard C++ operator :

MAT_TEMPLATE istream& operator >> (istream& istrm, matrixT& m);
MAT_TEMPLATE ostream& operator << (ostream &ostrm, const matrixT& m);

If I include a vtk-file and this matrix-file i get a couple of the
following errors  :

C:\Programme\DevStudio\MyProjects\ex\matrix/matrix.h(242) : error C2872:
'ostream' : Mehrdeutiges Symbol
C:\Programme\DevStudio\MyProjects\ex\matrix/matrix.h(343) : error C2872:
'istream' : Mehrdeutiges Symbol

How you can see I'm using  MS VC 5.0

thanks for all your help


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