Install problems

Pierre Puiseux pierre.puiseux at
Wed Jan 26 06:29:35 EST 2000


I'm trying to install vtk and I've spent about one day trying to locate
the error... with no success.

In /usr/local/vtk, I try to build vtk :

[root at iprp64 imaging]# ./configure --with-mesa --with-tcl --with-shared
--with-python  --with-contrib --with-tkwidget
[root at iprp64 imaging]# gmake

Later, while compiling vtkTkImageViewerWidget.cxx, (in vtk/imaging) I
have this message :

vtkTkImageViewerWidget.h:80: tkInt.h: Aucun fichier ou répertoire de ce
type (==unknown file)

I'm lokking for tkInt.h :

[root at iprp64 imaging]# slocate -u
[root at iprp64 imaging]# locate tkInt.h

Then I try to compile with this Include directory

[root at iprp64 imaging]# c++  -g -O2 -fPIC -DVTK_USE_PTHREADS
-I./../graphics -DVTK_USE_GRAPHICS -I./../imaging -DVTK_USE_IMAGING
-I./../contrib -DVTK_USE_CONTRIB  -I/usr/local/include/GL
-DVTK_USE_MESA   -I/usr/X11R6/include -I./../common -I/usr/include/
-I/usr/include  -I/usr/include/python1.5 -I/usr/local/vtk/pcmaker/xlib
-c vtkTkImageViewerWidget.cxx -o vtkTkImageViewerWidget.o

The answer :

In file included from /usr/local/vtk/pcmaker/xlib/tkInt.h:27,
                 from vtkTkImageViewerWidget.h:80,
                 from vtkTkImageViewerWidget.cxx:43:
/usr/local/vtk/pcmaker/xlib/tkPort.h:32: ../unix/tkUnixPort.h: Aucun
fichier ou répertoire de ce type

I try, once more, to locate this missing file :

[root at iprp64 imaging]# locate tkUnixPort.h
No file named tkUnixPort.h

So what's wrong ?

Thank you for your help.
Pierre Puiseux

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