Camera near Actor

Yamamoto Satoshi satoshi at
Fri Jan 21 01:58:46 EST 2000

Hello Lisa.

I use vtk 2.4 .

First of vtkRenderer.cxx in My HardDisk

  Program:   Visualization Toolkit
  Module:    $RCSfile: vtkRenderer.cxx,v $
  Language:  C++
  Date:      $Date: 1999/06/23 18:16:47 $
  Version:   $Revision: 1.114 $

There is not method [::ResetCameraClippingRange] in vtkRenderer.cxx.

I maybe think the method is vtk 3.0?
I don't get vtk 3.0 .
I can't find vtk 3.0 in kitware web page .

   ren->GetActiveCamera()->SetClippingRange( value, value);
There is This method .
Can I use SetClippingRange alternative ResetCameraClippingRagene?

I have issue .
I think that you see it on (my Windows Screen Shot)'s face.
I provide Screen Shot web Page on weekend.

Probably, I mistake a lot of English.
Excuse me.

>Hello Satoshi,
>If the clipping planes are your problem, you can simply call 
>This should reset the range so that all props (actors and volumes) are
>within the clipping range. If you are inside of an object, the near plane
>will be set to 0.01. If you need to try making this number smaller so that
>the near clipping plane is closer to the camera, look in vtkRenderer.cxx at
>this method:
>void vtkRenderer::ResetCameraClippingRange( float bounds[6] )
>and change this line:
>range[0] = (range[0] < 0.01)?(0.01):(range[0]);
>to use a smaller limit than 0.01. Be careful because too small a number can
>lead to precision problems in the perspective matrix.

Satoshi Yamamoto
satoshi at
Sys'Art Ltd. TEL 03-3424-0981 in Japan

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