Camera near Actor

Yamamoto Satoshi satoshi at
Thu Jan 20 04:17:49 EST 2000

response, Thank you, Lisa.

>Try changing the ViewAngle parameter of the vtkCamera. If you increase the
>value (the default is 30.0 - try changing it to 60.0) you'll be able to
>keep more of your actor in view while being close to it.

I increase the ViewAngle parameter of vtkCamera.
Sure, you said it.

But It is different from issue I have.
I worry that a part or my actor disappear on Screen.
Not out of sight but in sight.(Screen = Window)
It happen 'Camera near Actor'.
the hiding is only not that there is Black plate front Actor.

Now I draw volume rendering object without MarchingCubes to Screen.
Is it bad ?
Now I use my vtkActor like vol.tcl or volSimple.tcl of vtkDemo.
It desen't happen in vol.tcl.

I think Something relation ClippingRange ....
I can't compose this problem ,
  I write(ren->GetActiveCamera()->SetClippingRange(1,1000);)
I can't write (renderer->ResetCameraClippingRange();)
 What this Method?,,,Isn't there it vtk 2.4 ?

I'm worried.

Satoshi Yamamoto
satoshi at
Sys'Art Ltd. TEL 03-3424-0981 in Japan

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