Camera near Actor

Yamamoto Satoshi satoshi at
Tue Jan 18 23:44:29 EST 2000

My Name is Satoshi Yamamoto.

I know a little English.
If I mistake English sentence, Excuse me.

I am programing medical software for Windows.

I am content with Vtk.
Thank you ,providered Great library. 

But, My Client was greedy!!
My Client want to "virtual endoscopy".

Is vtk up "virtual endoscopy"'s alley?

for example,I uses vtkCamera near Medical Object(vtkActor), 
As part of vtkActor hide.

What to do to resolve in the interest of suchlike problem.

I would like to correspond to 'Camera near Actor'.
Please, Taught me, If Exist Something how to.

I uses vtk version 2.4, and WindowsNT ,VisualC++ 5.0 ,Delphi 4.0

Yamamoto Satoshi mailto:satoshi at

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