hardcopy again--followup

pahsieh at usgs.gov pahsieh at usgs.gov
Tue Jan 18 15:51:50 EST 2000

> Hello, Paul
> I read your message from mailing list and think your sample program is
> helpful. However, when I try to run the sample program, a error message
> showed up when it call MakeBMP function.
> "ChoosePixelFormat fail"
> The program was running under windows 98 using Visual C++ 6.0 compiler. I
> tried it with VTK 2.3 and VTK 2.4 and the error is the same.
> Can you help me with this? Thanks in advance.
> Dennis

Hi Dennis:
This is due to a bug in my example--which ran OK on my NT but
failed on Win 95. The error was that I retrieved the wrong
device context. The fix is as follows. Near the end of
the MakeBMP subroutine, replace the line

     renWin->SetupMemoryRendering(width, height, renWin->GetMemoryDC());


     renWin->SetupMemoryRendering(width, height, GetDC(renWin->GetWindowId

(Note that GetDC is a Win32 API function.) Sorry about this.


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