[tcl] vtkMath lack of methods ?

Sebastien Barre sbarre at claranet.fr
Sat Jan 8 20:45:25 EST 2000


The choices made by the parser used to generate the Tcl API from the C++
API are still very confusing for me :)

vtkMath.h says (for example) :

  // Description:
  // Compute distance squared between two points.
  static float Distance2BetweenPoints(float x[3], float y[3]);

  // Description:
  // Compute determinant of 2x2 matrix. Two columns of matrix are input.
  static float Determinant2x2(float c1[2], float c2[2]) 
  {return (c1[0]*c2[1] - c2[0]*c1[1]);};

But the corresponding Tcl objects says :

% vtkMath test
% test ListMethods


Methods from vtkMath:
  Determinant2x2	 with 4 args
  Determinant3x3	 with 9 args
  RandomSeed	 with 1 arg
  Random	 with 2 args
  SolveCubic	 with 4 args
  SolveQuadratic	 with 3 args

Where exactly has Distance2BetweenPoints gone ? 

Computing the distance between each points of 2 data sets of same topology
involves looping over the points, computing the distance, and assigning it
to the scalar attribute. Looping is expensive in Tcl. But computing the
distance is also. I know, I could rewrite the stuff in C++, but for the
moment I'm sticking with Tcl and was wondering if I could leverage the
process with the Distance2BetweenPoints function... I was unable to find it.


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