3d Scanner Format File???..

Roland Schwarz roland.schwarz at telecom.at
Tue Sep 28 14:51:49 EDT 1999

Hi Miguel,

    I am working for a company that builds 3-D scanner devices. Have a
look at http://www.riegl.co.at .

> ... .Then, we
>would like to know what is the best format file to export with it and
>which one is the usual, because every model exports in different
>formats. ...

The problem with this is, that it is not so obvious what kind of data
a scanning device is expected to deliver.
Do you want
i)   raw point data i.e.: an unconnected cloud of 3-d points (no topology at
ii)  point data on a mesh topology ( the scanner has a regular scan pattern)
iii) point data on an irregular mesh i.e a mesh where some knots are missing
     to missing range measurement (bad target reflectivity ...)
iv) 'volume images' ?

Also there is no ideal format in vtk that can cover all data that is
contained in
a scan in an easy way. A Scan usually also has attribute data like intensity
color. Also you could ask for 'point weights' that describe the accuracy of
a scanned target point.

I believe the ideal format highly depends on the application, and will
emerge over
time. If you have suggestions I woul like to hear from you.

Roland Schwarz
Riegl RLMS
Business Email: RSchwarz at riegl.co.at
Private Email: roland.schwarz at telecom.at

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