3d Scanner Format File???..

Miguel Angel Rodriguez Florido marf at dsc.ulpgc.es
Mon Sep 27 17:30:58 EDT 1999

Hi vtkusers,
	I would like to ask something to mail list. Our group is going to buy a
3D Scanner, but we don't know which model we are going to have.Then, we
would like to know what is the best format file to export with it and
which one is the usual, because every model exports in different
formats. Moreover this format file should be compatible with vtk readers
classes. So if somebody knows something about this question or is
working with 3d Scanner data, we would be grateful for his help.

Thanks in advance.
Bye and good luck.


	   	       Miguel Angel Rodriguez Florido               
               ETSI Telecomunicacion - Campus de Tafira - ULPGC     
         email: marf at dsc.ulpgc.es - Tf:928 452980 - Fax:928 451243   
		       Gran Canaria - Canary Islands

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