VTK 2.3 errors with gcc 2.95.1 and ftp server is not available

Mike Moran Mike.Moran at ee.ed.ac.uk
Tue Sep 28 12:40:31 EDT 1999

Hi. I'm currently trying to compile VTK 2.3 with gcc 2.95.1 (not sure
which egcs version this equates to). I am getting the following problem
in "vtkHyperStreamline"

-I./../graphics -DVTK_USE_GRAPHICS -I./../imaging -DVTK_USE_IMAGING
-I/usr/openwin/share/include/ -DVTK_USE_XGLR -I/usr/openwin/include  
-I/usr/local/pack/X11/include -I./../common
-I/home/schroede/montnaro/Python-1.4/Include -c vtkHyperStreamline.cxx
-o vtkHyperStreamline.o
/usr/ccs/bin/as: "/var/tmp/ccwqhLy0.s", line 2614: error: constant value
must be between -4096 and 4095
gmake[2]: *** [vtkHyperStreamline.o] Error 1

Since this may be a problem only in 2.3, I've been trying to get 2.4.
However, the ftp server (vtk.scorec.rpi.edu) seems to be unavailable.

Could anyone fix this problem and/or get the ftp server up and running?


Mike Moran, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, The University of Edinburgh
King's Buildings, Mayfield Rd, Edinburgh EH9 3JL

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