Getting the Active Camera to work

Dean N. Williams williams13 at
Mon Sep 20 14:12:41 EDT 1999

Dear Vtk Users,

    I am still trying to run through all the examples to learn Vtk.

    But I am running into some examples that core dump in the

    examplesTcl and examplesPython directories. All examples

    seem to core dump at [ren1 GetActiveCamera].

    This is true for both tcl and Python examples. I have noticed

    that if "SetViewUp" or "set cam1" are used first, then the

    example will NOT core dump.  Example:

walls.tcl:[ren1 GetActiveCamera] SetViewUp -0.181457 0.289647 0.939776
walls.tcl:[ren1 GetActiveCamera] SetPosition 23.3125 -28.2001 17.5756
walls.tcl:[ren1 GetActiveCamera] SetFocalPoint 6 5 4
walls.tcl:[ren1 GetActiveCamera] SetViewAngle 30
walls.tcl:[ren1 GetActiveCamera] ComputeViewPlaneNormal


warpComb.tcl:set cam1 [ren1 GetActiveCamera]

    But if "Elevation", "Zoom", or "Dolly" are used first,

    then this causes a core dump. Example:

mcubes.tcl:[ren1 GetActiveCamera] Elevation 90
mcubes.tcl:[ren1 GetActiveCamera] SetViewUp 0 0 -1

    Has anyone run into this problem and how did you over

    this? Thanks for your help!

Best Regards,


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