How can i Copy an vtkActor ( vtkMapper ) ?

Matthew Hall mahall at
Thu Sep 16 16:29:27 EDT 1999

Will Schroeder wrote:
> Hi Harald-
> At 11:01 AM 9/14/99 +0200, Luebeck, Harald wrote:
> >How can create an exact copy of an vtkActor. I need an copy not an refrence
> >because i want to modify some Properties without modifing the original
> >Actor.
> You're asking a timely question. We are in the middle of ditching >operator= and the copy constructor because their usage is too ambiguous. >In their place, we are adding ShallowCopy() and DeepCopy() methods which >are much clearer in their meaning.
> Will

Will you be adding copy routines to process objects as well? I realize
that my needs are a little bizarre (creating pipelines for multi-grid
datasets, and then threading em), but the ability to make (deep) copies
a filter would be useful. (Better would be a routine which would
copy all of the settings from one filter to another, extant filter,
without having to re-allocate a new one every time, but this is probably
not a high priority for almost everyone :) )


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