object render order - problems w/ opaque too

Bryan VanDeVen bryanv at arlut.utexas.edu
Wed Sep 15 13:17:32 EDT 1999

I appreciate the many responses I got to this inguiry!  But I was not
quite clear on one point.  I am experiencing problems whether the basin
actor is transparent or opaque.   The only reason I made it transparent
was so that the signal excess isosurface would always be visible even when
it was incorrectly drawn behind the basin - otherwise parts of the
isosurface can become completely obscured.

The easiest descrition is that when the app starts it is looking straight
down from above, the isosurface is visible completely in front (on
top of) of the basin bathymery actor.  Now, using the interactor to zoom
straight out with _no_ rotations, the isosurface will become completely
obscured very quickly. Subsequent rotation to a view from the side, and
the isosurface will magically reappear (parts at a time) above the basin.
I have no explanation for this....

Bryan Van de Ven
Applied Research Labs
University of Texas, Austin

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