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On Sep 15, 11:47am, Luis Miguel  Gon=E7alves Lopes wrote:
> Subject: Create surface
> Greetings!, VTK users,
> 	I can already visualize molecules using pdbs in VTK...I have a set of
> points that correspond to types of atoms, and each point represents the=

> center of a sphere with the correspondent colour and radius....What I w=
> is to create a surface from those spheres...I don't want to see the
> interception of the spheres...I want a smooth surface around them...Can=

> anyone help?


Assuming you *really* want this described blobby surface (and not an isos=
of the computed electron density field, which you're basically describing=
then about the only thing I could suggest is the "alpha shapes" concept. =
a web search will turn up plenty of hits.  The current commercial venture=
 Edelsbrunner has started can be found at

So in your case, you'd obtain the points on your spheres/atoms and feed t=
into an alpha shapes filter -- it's that simple :)


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