inputting raw data into field data

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Hi Mark-

At 11:07 AM 9/14/99 +1000, Mark.Palmer at wrote:
>Ok, warning, possibly stupid/ignorant questions follow!

Software is for the brave :-)

>I'm trying to use 'financialfield2.tcl' as a sort of template to develop my
>procedure for reading in raw data files, but in a slightly different
>I think i've got a grip on what 95% of parsefile does, but i dont understand
>what the
>    [dos GetOutput] SetFieldData field
>achieves. Could someone make it clearer to me.

The instance "dos" is a vtkProgrammableDataObjectSource - a source process object that generates a data object. vtkDataObject is a general superclass that can only represent field data. Also, the class vtkProgrammableDataObjectSource is unusual in that it is run-time programmable by defining (in this case) a Tcl proc.

So what's going on is that you are reading data (in a Tcl proc function), creating a field, and then assigning the field as the output of dos. This is quite similar to other filters that process data and then assign the data as their own output.

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